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The Tortoise Whisperer

A man and his loving care of endangered California tortoises is overwhelmed by the need for more space in his Los Angeles backyard when an expected hatching of ten  baby tortoises turns into a surprise thirty-five live and thriving babies that will grow to over  one hundred pounds each.

Chile Rellenos

One of the activities, while I was studying Spanish at Escuela Mexican in Guanajuato, Mexico, was learning to make chiles rellenos.


A weekend adventure in Tortuguera, a tour of this National Park in Costa Rica, with lots of wildlife.


A song by  Stephen Schwartz  from the Baker's Wife, performed by Eddie James.  This musical short tells the story of a man's courage and bravery when faced with  adversity by making a broadway song his own.


This is a movie with a cast and crew of 50+. It is a rich looking art film. Art has been reduced to a slumber in fear and hiding while the madness of war ravaged the planet. Slowly, shadows and footprints of expression are revealed, and a new unseen presence is brought forth to once again basque in the sunlight of the spirit.

Finding Our Village 

Done for Senior Services at the Los Angeles  LGBT Center,  Seniors (75 - 90 years old)  tell their stories of what gay life was like for them before Stonewall, coming out, the relationships they had and have, and what the LGBT Center has meant for them.


Linda 60 

A weekend memory of a birthday celebration an hour outside of Frankfurt Germany. Includes a tour of a long deserted castle, a Klezmier Band, and more food than an army could eat in a week.


Queenceañera – 15 x 4 … plus a little more.

Kay Got celebrated  63 years with a garden birthday celebration and masquerade ball.


Patrick’s 50th

A personal painting and celebration of 50 years for  a good friend.

Bruce Edward Valentine 1949-2013

A personal memorial to the man and love of my life.


It Takes All Types

An autobiographical documentary feature about recovery and addiction in West Hollywood.


Una Boda de California

A personal seaside wedding and garden reception for Alberto and Jazz’s niece.


Bob Herzog 1940-2011

A personal memorial to a very giving and loving gentle man.


Casa Compacto

A “short” tour of the art studio and apartment of Kay Gott, artista extraordinaire.



The graduation ceremony of Linda Ward, my all time favorite High School student who (thirty one  years later) just graduated from college as a Registered Nurse.


Oaxaca: Green Artist and Street Musicians

Interviews (in Spanish with English subtitles) with artist who work with non toxic and/or recycled materials. Also contains  images of street musicians and the culture of Oaxaca.


Dance Of The Muse

A dance sequence filmed for another movie which was just so beautiful that I was compelled to make a stand alone video of this “video” painting.


High School Graduation

Interviews with the graduate, the ceremony (cut to a bearable length a la Chuck), and the party.


Yosemite Mule Trip

 A 4-day mule trip in the High Sierra’s with 7 of my friends.


The Raining  (Music Video)

A original song written and performed by Tim Permanent. It  is a song that asks the question of who can stop the pain


People Of Silver Lake

5 vignettes of people from different origins who tell their stories of how they came to live in Silver Lake, and what it was like as many as 90 years ago.


Kid’s ‘N Kites

A kids kite festival in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. A rich slice of life.



A Black Cultural Event. 26 high school graduate  debutants qualifying for this formal right of passage by having 4.0 grade point averages, doing at least 300 hours of community service, and raising googles of $$ are showcased in this dance extravaganza. It’s a little shaky because it was filmed with a super 8 camera and held by hand, but it is a glimpse in to a culture rarely seen by outsides.


Latkes At Lyndia’s

An almost annual latke party turned high school reunion, that also brought me back in touch with a long lost family member (Lynda's 60th) that Lyndia (a friend from High School) baby sat for.


Bye Bye Connie

A tribute to a friend and actress in another movie who was moving away from LA.


Spencer’s 10

An adult birthday dinner out for a wild and crazy (and very loving) birthday boy.


Happy People (Music Video)

An original song written and performed by Cita Ricardo at LATC.


Twisted Little Dreams (Music Video)

An original song written and performed by Cita Ricardo at LATC. Partially filmed by me in Alberto Hernandez’s home the first night that I met Cita. That night I wondered to myself if here might ever be a way that I could work with her and he husband Ricardo Ochoa.


When Bush Lied People Died

A follow up to “When Clinton Lied” after another year of war.


Wedding Under Mt Hood

A wedding in a most beautiful setting.


Maui 2006

Chuck and Bruce do Maui ... a travel log rich in culture and color.


Barry’s 62nd

A montage of friends, family and a few stories.



A religious celebration and Latino cultural event at a home in Silver Lake followed by the performance of 3 classic Spanish language songs performed by a classical flamenco guitarist and a singer (Dino Castro).


Stehekan: North Cascades Nat’l Park

A travel log featuring an apple orchard, a homestead, salmon spawning, a bike ride, kayaking and a card game with Diana Fox.


Elizina Stomps The Yard

A celebration of my God Daughter’s  first born.


When Clinton Lied No One Died

Documents a peace march in  Portland with the most original slogans I ever saw.


Spain 2006

A week spent in Sevilla  attending the annual fair, along with travels to Cordova and Madrid.


Stone Henge

This was my very first attempt at movie making. It  documents  travel with my cousins to Stone Henge and the  surrounding area.

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