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Jasper Pride

     After a third visit to this Canadian Rockies town, serendipitously making a new friend        and finding out that there is a Gay Pride Festival in this town of under 5,000 people, I      was compelled to  attend and film this tenth annual celebration of pride, make new          friends and make this film.

Cita: Chronicles of The Broken Doll (La Muñeca Rota)

     The love story of a an avant guard singer and a master guitar player and teacher to

     the stars. They are famous in Mexico and have been on the charts there for over 20      years. Traveling the USA in a bus named Libertad, they can gather crowds on    

     street corners in minutes. They are so amazingly diciplined performance artists

     with impecable mesmerizing rhythmn, image, and timing.


Summer Fall Winter Spring

     A musical and poetic montage of the four seasons as experienced at Franklin      

    Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains above Beverly Hills in Los Angeles,    


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